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Welcome to LimahlBullies... New Dreams In…2023…!!!

Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region in Western, NY. LimahlBullies strives to breed Bullies that are of sound " Body, Mind, Temperament " and free of Genetic Illness. All of our Bullies are raised and live with us in our home.We've been Showing and Selectively raising dogs for more than twenty years. Our love for the Bully Breeds has been with us for many years and we were fortunate enough to pursue our love in 2006. I would like to thank a dear friend Beverly Abbott for helping us pursue our dream with the referral to Morgan Manor French Bulldogs which was the beginning and our foundation in our French Bulldogs Breeding Program and a friendship that would last forever. I would also like to take a moment to thank Danna Harlow & Julian Brier of Morgan Manor French Bulldogs for their dedication and time they put into developing the Morgan Manor Breeding Program and the gorgeous Heads and Type they developed on their dogs that became the Morgan Manor trademark in the Frenchie World. May you both Rest in Peace and it will be our honor to continue with the Legacy you both cherished and loved. You will Be FOREVER missed...

Bruce & Steve...

Proud Members Of:

French Bulldog Club of America

Bulldog Club of America

Kanadasaga Kennel Club

Finger Lakes Afghan Hound Club

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